Before you book

Will I get seasick?

It is not normal to get seasick onboard of RIB’s as they are very stable.

What shall I bring to a tour?

We recommend you to bring confortable clothers, flipflops or shoes that can get wet and  jacket/sweatshirt as it can the cold at sea.

Where do we board the boat?

Usually passengers board the boat at salema beach, either directly into te RIB or fiber boat (depending on which tour you are taking). With certain sea conditions we might first board you onto the fiber boat first and take you to the RIB.

In ocassional situations we might board in Sagres or Lagos, in this case transfer is provided.

Can I bring a camera onboard?

Of course! Having photos and videos of the tours is always recommended! However Salema Tours is not responsible for any damage or losses that occur during the tours.

Is there a minimum age for children to join a tour?

Yes, there is. We recommend that only children 3 years old and older participate in our tours. Except on the local grotto tours which younger children can join too.

I’m pregnant can I join a tour?

We recommend for you to contact our team and inform that you are pregnant and interested in doing a tour and we’ll advise you on how to procceed.

Do you offer transfer services?

Yes, from certain hotel partners we do offer transfer services. Contact us so we can confirm with you of you are in one of these locations and thus arrange the pick up.